Runescape HD – a Unique Review

My first impression of the game is very good – it is very easy to set up an account and the introduction is fairly detailed, though it seems to lack information in all parts of the game. The graphics are very good, in 3d, with a wide range of details so any computer, fast or slow, can play it. The music was fitting with the game, and very high quality, if very repetitive. The game also has a large amount of free content, and anyone could easily play the only the free version of the game. To make sure my review is complete, I bought the pay version of the game for one month, using my credit card, at the cost of 5.95$USD. The game offered a wide range of payment methods, though credit cards are the cheapest. You can buy membership for a wide range of time lengths, or a monthly fee.
The game had a large amount of skills and quests. The quests were fun, and there were different lengths and difficulties available, for players of any skill level. The skills were fun, if slightly repetitive. The game was just difficult enough to make it fun, without being frustrating. The explorable world was huge, and there was a large number of “minigames”. I was able to play for hours at a time without loosing interest. The in-game economy seemed well developed, and I was impressed by the holiday events released each year around the time of certain holidays, such as Halloween or Easter.

Compared to other games, Runescape offered a lot of content for free. You could play a majority of skills, and level them to the highest level possible, 99. You could play some quests, though you could play far more in the paid version of the game. The accessible areas were very large. There was an advertisement at the top of the page, but it was a small banner advertisement, and in no way effected the quality of the game. If you are not interested in paying for a game, Runescape is a very good choice.

I would recommend this game to just about anyone. It is fun, has a large amount activities, and has a large number of options for those willing to pay to play, as well as those who are not willing to. The graphics and music is very good, and it requires no downloads, making it accessible everywhere.