Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Amazon Build


Diablo 2 Resurrected is a remaster or an upgraded version of the classic RPG Diablo 2, which has enhanced visual graphics and mechanics introduced in it. Today, in the following guide, we will be discussing the best Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Builds. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Amazon Builds

Amazon class, also known as one of the best entry-level classes that you can play with during the initial phase. Amazon offers players the ability to commit Ranged combat attacks from a distance, rather than facing the enemy head-on like Melee characters, for diablo 2 amazon build.

You have two gameplay weapon options to choose from with the Amazon class, such as Bow & Arrows or Javelin & Spears. Amazons also have the ability to cast various spells relating to Heal, Swift Movement, and Weapon Repairing.
You may have already figured out that Amazon’s strength primarily comes from Ranged weapons. There’s also a plus point that you can enhance your Ranged weapons by utilizing the effects of Lightning, Fire, Cold, and Poison. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now, back to the main focus of the article – Best Amazon Builds

The Early-Game Amazon Build

Early-Game diablo 2 Amazon Build is for players that are still finding their footing in Diablo 2 Resurrected. With the build mentioned below, you can quickly go through the campaign and march through your enemies with ease.

Attribute Distribution – Strength: 31, Dexterity: 37, Vitality: 80, Energy: 15.

Skills – Fire Arrow (+1): Adds fire element to your arrows, Exploding Arrow (+1): Your arrows explode on impact, Critical Strike (+1): Your attacks inflict double damage, penetrate (+1): The attack rating for each of your attacks is increased, Magic Arrow (+1): Increases bolt damage, and Multiple Shot (+1): Shoots multiple arrows at once.

Gear – Helmet: Gemmed Skull, Bow: Hunter Bow, Armor: Leather Armor (Stealth), Belt: Death’s Guard, Boots: Boots of Remedy, Gloves: Skull Clutches Leather Gloves, Rings: Iron Ring of Warding/Steel Ring of Chance, and Amulet: Rainbow Amulet of Fortune.

The Maximum DPS Amazon Build

Maximum DPS Amazon Build is a perfect setup for players that have a long-range DPS playstyle. The following class spotlights Ranged combat with Bows & Arrows, along with the ability Active Skills, which allows you to shoot multiple arrows at your target. If you combine the build with Amazon’s Passive and Magic abilities like Avoid, Pierce, and Penetrate, you can inflict immense damage upon your enemies without much effort.

Attribute Distribution – Strength: 113, Dexterity: 584, Vitality: 69, and Energy: 54.

Skills – Guided Arrows (+20): Locks on to a single target, Multiple Shot (+20): Allows you to shoot multiple arrows, penetrate (+18): Your attack rating is increased for each attack, Critical Strike (+20): Inflicts double damage to your enemies, Pierce (+20): Your shots pass throw enemies, and Avoid (+20): Gives you a chance to dodge incoming projectiles while standing still.

Gear – Weapon: Call to Arms, Shield: Lidless Wall Grim Shield, Helmet: M’avina’s True Sight, Bow: Grand Matron Bow, Armor: Archon Plate, Belt: Nosferatu’s Coil Vampire fang, Boots: War Traveler, Gloves: Laying of Hands, Rings: Raven Frost/Skull Hold, and Amulet: The Cat’s Eye.

The Lightning Javelin Build

Lightning Javelin Build adds a Lightning effect to your weapon (Javelin), which then increases the output damage by a lot. You can easily defeat bosses with the help of this build. Also, the power of Amazon’s Passive abilities in this diablo 2 resurrected amazon build guide, along with Lightning is one of the best combinations to fight against bosses or other dreadful creatures in the game. Smaller mobs won’t even stand a chance against you in this build.

Attribute Distribution – Invest the remaining points in Vitality & Strength once you have maxed out in Dexterity.

Skills – Jab (+20): Performs a series of fast Javelin or Spear attacks, Power Strike (+20): Adds a lightning element to your attacks, Charged Strike (+20): Adds a lightning element to your attacks, Lightning Bolt (+20): Converts your Javelin into a bolt of lightning, Critical Strike (+20): Inflicts double damage to your enemies, Dodge (+5): Gives you a chance to dodge melee attacks while standing still, Evade (+5): Gives you a chance to dodge incoming projectiles while running, Avoid (+5): Gives you a chance to dodge incoming projectiles while standing still.

Gear – Helmet: Griffon’s Eye, Weapon: Thunderstroke Javelin, Armor: Arkaine’s Valor, Belt: Thunder god’s Vigor, Boots: Gore Rider, Gloves: The Hand of Broc, Ring: Wisp Projector, and Amulet: High lord’s Wrath.