World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Warrior Protection Talent Tree

World of Warcraft Cataclysm – Warrior Protection Talent Tree
This talent tree focuses mainly on increasing damage soaking abilities, armor gained from various effects, and other benefits that assist in the party role of Tank and leader in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. Choosing this as your main talent tree unlocks Critical Block Mastery, Shield Slam, Sentinel and Vengeance. You can find various images available through clicking the numbers 1-5 located on top of the thumbnail above.
Game Description: A stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard himself/herself and his/her allies.
Warrior Protection Mastery – Critical Block
Critical Block: After learning Mastery from your trainer at level 80, Critical Block grants your Warrior +15% chance to block and +12% chance to critically block. Each full point of mastery gained through means like increasing your mastery rating, causes Critical Block to grant +1.5% to both attributes.

Warrior Protection Special Active Ability – Shield Slam
Shield Slam: Shield Slam is a Melee ranged, instant ability that requires 20 rage and an equipped shield. Deals damage based on your attack power while dispelling a single magic effect on your target and causing a high amount of threat. Shield Slam is useful to help keep agro on yourself.

Warrior Protection Special Passive Abilities – Sentinel and Vengeance
Sentinel: With Sentinel your total stamina is increased by +15% and block chance is increased by +15% as well. Attacking targets that are not currently targeting you will also cause you to generate 50% additional rage with Sentinel known.
Vengeance: Having Vengeance means taking damage causes you to receive 5% of the damage taken as a bonus to your attack power. With Vengeance this caps off at 10% of your total health applied as a bonus this way.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm – Warrior Protection Talents
You may click any of the links here to be taken to that talents respective guide. Numbers in ( ) represent how many ranks a talent has or how many points must be spent in the tree to unlock a tier.
Protection Tier 1 (0): Incite (3), Toughness (3), Blood and Thunder (2)
Protection Tier 2 (5): Shield Specialization (3), Shield Mastery (3), Hold the Line (2), Gag Order (2)
Protection Tier 3 (10): Last Stand (1), Concussion Blow (1), Bastion of Defense (2), Warbringer (1)
Protection Tier 4 (15): Improved Revenge (2), Devastate (1), Impending Victory (2)
Protection Tier 5 (20): Thunderstruck (2), Vigilance (1), Heavy Repercussions (2)
Protection Tier 6 (25): Safeguard (2), Sword and Board (3)
Protection Tier 7 (30): Shockwave (1)