OSRS Most Expensive Items

OSRS is quite popular and one of the main reasons is its trading platform, which also raises questions, such as ‘what are the most expensive items, ‘how much do they cost, and ‘can they obtained without spending a lot of Runescape Gold’. Well, sometimes can be obtained from certain drops, but if you’re looking for an easy way out, then there’s no doubt that you will have to purchase them. There are even items that need to be combined together to get their true form. However, the items that we’re going to list below can be obtained without paying, so let’s have a look.

The Most Expensive Item

There are countless items that are traded on a daily basis using the Grand Exchange. However, not everyone is aware of it, because they only consider the fact that you can buy and sell items using the GE System. Just to bring it to your notice, the Grand Exchange has eight slots to trade, which are only available for members, and speaking of non-members, they only have access to the first three slots.

The top-most expensive items on the Grand Exchange are; Twisted Bow (Costing Around 1.07 billion RSGP), Elysian Spirit Shield (Costing Around 847 million GP), Elysian Sigil (Costing Around 835 million GP), Scythe of Vitur (Costing Around 741 million GP), and the 3rd Age Bow (Costing Around 542 million GP).

How To Obtain Them?

If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on an expensive item, there are various methods that you can obtain them. However, let’s look at the most considered ones:

3rd Age Bow can be obtained by pure luck – from the Elite and Master Clue Scrolls (Treasure Trails Reward). It is quite effective and is known to be a worthy item to obtain. The reason is that it boosts the same attack speed as Short Bows while having the same range as Long Bows. You’ll need a Ranged level of 65 to equip it.

Scythe of Vitur can be obtained from the Theatre of Blood, which is a battling arena located beneath the Ver Sinhaza Castle. The item is a two-handed slash weapon that required 75 Attacks and Strength to equip.

Elysian Sigil, which is combined with another item (Blessed Spirit Shield) to create an Elysian Spirit Shield. Purchasing it will cost you a lot of gold coins, but the alternative is to camp the boss known as the Corporeal Beast. He has a 1/4000 chance to drop an Elysian Sigil and trust me it’s worth the time and hardship for these osrs expensive items.

As mentioned above, Elysian Spirit Shield is an item that is combined using a Blessed Spirit Shield and Elysian Sigil, along with 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing (to make the item and wield it). Being close to a 1 billion mark, it’s quite obvious that the shield holds a lot of benefits. Along with providing better Melee and Ranged bonuses, as compared to the other Spirit Shields, it also has the ability to reduce standard damage dealt.

Now, the osrs most valuable item, which is the Twisted Bow, and it’s understandable because it’s the strongest bow in Old School RuneScape. What makes this bow special is that its working mechanics are in no way similar to the normal bows, and the damage output that it provides is based upon the enemy that you’re facing. Stronger the enemy, the higher the damage output. In simpler words, if you’re using Dragon Arrows, along with 99 Ranged, you can easily hit up to 89’s.

After reading this, anyone would want to obtain these osrs expensive items. However, they hold back because it’s expensive. But don’t worry, because there’s another way to obtain it, which is the Chambers of Xeric raid that has a 2.38 percent drop chance. Even though the percentage count is low, it’s still worth grinding your precious hours for this item, because it’ll help you defeat the strongest of strongest bosses in-game.